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    pine dragon

* The exaggerated ways in which puppets portray their characters through their individual movements and expressions intrigues me. As I construct them they begin to take on characters of their own. Some of them I just want to exhibit, some are on sale. I carve my puppets primarily from basswood, which is light, but durable and holds detail well. Basswood is also abundant locally and grows relatively fast. Basswood is also called lime or linden, and has been a favored carving wood, especially for puppeteers. It is a beautiful tree. The scientific name of the local species is tilia americana . I hope to make more soon so if you are interested keep checking back, and I will also be posting future shows. If you have Flashplayer 6 installed please view my animation puppet stringing.

  kasper marionette   froggy    
Dick Wrigeley puppet   spider marionette
        red dog
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